Platinum Retention Test – Advance Your Sewing Skills

Advance Your Sewing Skills

Once you’ve mastered your beginning sewing skills it’s time to take it to the next level. In this course, produced in conjunction with National Sewing Circle, Ashley Hough will expand on basic techniques you already know as well as teach you new techniques that you can apply to both home decor and garment projects.

Ashley Hough will begin by covering several types of stitches as well as different stitch lengths that are commonly used in sewing. You will learn when and why to use each of them and why it is important to use a variety of different stitches throughout your projects, rather than just sticking to one you may be the most familiar with. In addition to learning what the stitches are and why to use them, Ashley will teach you common names for some of the stitches, including stay-stitching and ease-stitching, so you can easily recognize the terms in any sewing pattern.

Darts and pleats will also be covered in this course. You will learn about several different types of darts and pleats, how to sew them and where they are best used. In general darts and pleats are great for adding shaping or texture to your project, depending on whether it is a garments or home décor project, however using the right one can help you better achieve the desired result.

No matter what project you are working on, you are bound to run in to a corner or a curve that needs to be stitched. Ashley will give you tips for confidently tackling both curves and corners, including how to get crisp corners on bulky fabrics.

Ashley will teach several different seam finishes in this course, including ones that can be done during construction of a project and others that can be done after. The seam finishing method you choose to use can depend on both the type of project you are making as well as what kind of fabric is being used. She will explain what to consider when making the right choice of seam finishing technique.

In addition to seam finishes, you will also learn several different hemming methods including no-sew and blind hems. Blind hems are commonly used when hemming pant legs, but can be used on other garments as well. No-sew hems are a great option if you need to quickly finish an edge or if you don’t want to see a line of stitching.

No matter what your next project is, whether it’s a garment or something for your home, the tips and techniques you will learn in this class will help bring that project to the next level. Also included are downloadable PDF resource documents for additional tips on using fusible hem tape along with a stitch length reference guide.


Download this resource document for a stitch length reference guide and tips for using fusible hem tape.

See the list of tools and supplies for your next sewing project.

Download this short video to hear how and why Ashley has progressed in her sewing skills and the importance of the details in every project.

Session 1: Getting Started

The more you advance in sewing the more tools and supplies you will start to need. From your sewing machine to different types of hem tape, Ashley takes you through everything you’ll need to learn and sew along with the session in this class.

Session 2: Expand Your Stitches

Part of becoming a more advanced sewer is knowing when and how to use different stitches. Ashley teaches you about several different types of stitches, including ease-stitching and stay-stitching, and demonstrates where and how they should be stitched.

Session 3: Sewing Darts & Pleats

Whether its darts on a dress or pleats across the front of a pillow, both are a great way to add shaping or texture to a project. Learn about several different types of darts, how to sew them and where each of them work best. Ashley will also teach you how to sew several types of pleats, including knife pleats, box pleats and pleats with inlays.

Session 4: Tips for Sewing Curves & Corners

Curves and corners can be found on most sewing projects and can be tricky to tackle. Learn tips for sewing smooth curves and how to correctly clip the seam allowance so everything lays flat. Ashley will also teach you tips for sewing and clipping corners so you get a nice crisp point every time, even on thick fabrics.

Session 5: Professional Seam Finishes

Finished seams take a project from beginner to advanced and can make a garment look professionally made. Ashley teaches you several ways to finish seams, including ways to finish while constructing and also after a project is completed. Learn the benefits of both depending on the project being made.

Session 6: Several Ways to Hem

When it comes to finishing off a project, more often than not a hem is involved. Learn several different ways to hem depending on the look you want. Ashley will go over a basic hem, teach you how to stitch a blind hem and show you how to use both fusible and sew-in hem tape.

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