How to Change Seam Allowance on a Serger

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I am a new owner/user of a serger. I want to entirely use a serger to make my next project, specifically learning to sew and cut off fabric using the 1/2″ seam. Is there an easy way for me to edit the instructions so they are 100% serger friendly? Or maybe the serger instructions are available somewhere else?

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If you’ve never used a serger before they can be intimidating. From the multiple thread spools on the top, to loopers instead of a bobbin on the bottom, there’s much about a serger that differs from a conventional sewing machine. For you, the only real change you would need to make is to the seam allowance, given that the pattern incorporates a standard 5/8″ seam allowance. I believe you can adjust the seam allowance on the serger to whatever seam allowance you want to use- meaning your pattern can be used as is.

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  1. Lori

    Hello, does anyone have a User Manual (or know where I can one) for a Vintage Bel Air model 620 sewing machine. A pdf download wI’ll do.

  2. kathy4

    Hello, I do not know how to sew. For Christmas I started with making 4 kuspuks 😳 the hoods blew my mind! Question for another time.
    But I’m excited to learn and want to sew!
    I especially want to learn how to ( for starters alter) my preemie grandsons clothes. He’s going on 4 and his 18 month pants fall off his tiny body, but he’s tall so they’re also extremely short. Issues 1. Elastic, they’re all so different some have so many stitches, some I can’t just sew down the side. So many things in my head. I really want to lean how to make him pants that fit. I know this is a lot but if you have videos or answers I’d be the best student!
    Thank you
    Kathy Simpson

  3. Elizabeth

    Ticket 23261 trying to findout how to sew with sretch thread and how to do the bobbin ????