3 Tips for Sewing Perfect Skirt Hems

Hemming a skirt can be a tricky task. How do you know what the perfect length for you is? How do you ensure you will have an even seam all the way around? Here are the top 3 things you need to remember when sewing skirt hems, plus one crucial tip to always keep in mind!

Find the right length. I like to try my skirt on and pin up the front a bit so I can see exactly where it looks the most flattering on me (and makes me look the tallest!). This will be your starting point.

Grab a buddy. Using your hem tool (and a buddy), find a step stool, ottoman, or dining chair that you can set the tool on.

Measure, measure, measure. From there, you will need to measure down about 1” in order to have enough to fold the skirt UP to that new hemline.

Happy sewing!

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12 Responses to “3 Tips for Sewing Perfect Skirt Hems”
  1. Amanda Litwak

    The best way to ensure that your hem is level is to mark the hip line (7 to 9 inches below the waist) while doing a muslin test garment. Then have a friend help you adjust the marked hip line so that it is parallel to the floor. Then make changes to the waist line so that the hip line stays parallel to the floor.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Tracy. Hem markers can be purchased at a variety of craft stores as well as online. I am not sure where you are located, but here is a link to one available at a Joann craft store:
      You can find many different hem markers online if you would prefer to order one. The best way to find them is to search for a ‘skirt hem marker’.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Mary Green

    Be sure to wear the shoes you plan to wear with the skirt, especially if they are a heeled shoe. This is something I learned back in the 60’s when I was sewing many of my own clothes

  3. Pam

    I’ve never measured from the floor to make the hem length correct in the back. Wish I had known this a lot of years ago. Thanks.

  4. Lily

    What is the name of the tool that helps measure from the floor up as shown on the video?

  5. pkflory

    Thanks very much for the good tips. I’m a visual learner so videos are a great way for me to learn and remember.