I Bought Fusible Web Instead of Fusible Interfacing – Is It the Same?

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I was out of fusible interfacing, and purchased by mistake fusible web. I figured they were similar. When I went to sew my pieces, even though the web was between two pieces of fabric, it entirely coated the needle and jammed my bobbin several times. Can web not be sewn at all, or was I doing something wrong?

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Fusible web can definitely be sewn through, and usually doesn’t cause any issues with gumming up the needle. I would however recommend that after fusing it in place you let the fabric cool completely before stitching, as this will ensure that the glue is dry and set before you stitch it.

If you are interested in learning more about fusible web and other adhesives, check out this free video:

Hope this helps!

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    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Devona!

      Great question! You’ll want to do a surface wash or spot wash by hand. Washing machines are not recommended.

      Thank you!

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    • Ken Hammond
      Ken Hammond

      Hi I’m getting a drawing with measurements then looking for people or a person to make about 300 pieces would someone in this group be willing to take this on can work out a price

  1. Lana Winter
    Lana Winter

    I wanted a fusible, not woven, that would be used in a hospital mask, but received Wonder Under which made the masks very stiff. Is there a fusible interfacing available that would be hole-proof, but not as stiff?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Lana!

      That’s a great question and we’d love to help!

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  2. kathleen hayes
    kathleen hayes

    can you cut a fitted face mask on the crossgrain of 100% cotton fabric?

  3. Dolores Thacker
    Dolores Thacker

    I have had my sewing machine for a week. A Brother, I still cannot get a good sitich, I have watched videos , read directions, etc. I is just a basic sewing machine nothing fancy.

  4. Jenny Delmo
    Jenny Delmo

    Hi have just joined.. my 7 yo grandson picked 5 different purple materials for his quilt. He wants a star in the middle with Irish chain around it.. can you help with a pattern? Many thanks

  5. Bonnie Milam
    Bonnie Milam

    I am new to sewing garments and working on Kwik Sew pattern K3870. Having trouble with the attaching the sleeve to the bodice. The pattern does not state to do the ease stitch, but I have more fabric on my sleeve at the upper curves. Do I go ahead and add the ease stitch step and then fit to my bodice or can I adjust while sewing?

  6. Robert Shaffer
    Robert Shaffer

    I am looking at three sewing machines and wonder if anyone would be able to help me decide. All three are the top in each brand. Janome, bernina, and pfaff are the three brands. Help!

  7. Rita F Pursley
    Rita F Pursley

    I’m using a material that has glued on shiney aluminum… it’s gumming up my needle an messing with the bobbin causing jamming problems. What can I do to complete my project.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Rita,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Recently, I discovered a solution: use a titanium coated embroidery needle in the machine. The titanium coating on the needle keeps the needle cooler so the glue doesn’t stick to the needle. Also, an embroidery needle has a rounded point so if you back stitch onto a thread you don’t pierce a previous stitch.

      Use a needle, knife, or other pointed instrument to dig or scrape away any remaining gummed dirt or lint in the feed dog, around the bobbin case, and in other areas. Check the lower tension of the bobbin case and the upper thread tension discs. Pull a thread under the tension of the bobbin to remove dirt.


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  8. Thaddea Pantaleano
    Thaddea Pantaleano

    I asked about how to make a large bow and you sent me to scrunches. That isn’t what I want. A big bow for someone’s head