Infinity Scarf Pattern

infinity scarf leadInfinity scarves really are the perfect accessory – they can be worn in so many fun ways, they can quickly jazz up an otherwise plain outfit, and they’re easy to throw on in case of chilly temperatures. Plus, they’re very simple to make on your own. In this article, you will learn how to sew an infinity scarf made from cozy jersey knit fabric that will drape nicely when arranged around your neck.

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Here are the materials and supplies you’ll need to complete this project:
  • 2 yards of jersey knit fabric
  • Walking foot
  • Stretch or ball point needle
  • Thread
infinity scarf 1 Step 1: Cut

Cut the fabric on the natural fold so that you have two pieces, both 2 yards long. You’ll now be able to make two scarves: one for you and one for a friend!

infinity scarf 2 Step 2: Pin

Fold in half long ways, right sides together. Line up the edges (as best as possible – they will be fussy). Pin the sides, starting at 3 inches from the short edge and stopping 3 inches from the other short edge. (Feel free to over-pin.)
infinity scarf 3a Step 3: Sew the main seam:

  • Set your machine to the stretch (lightning bolt or zigzag) stitch. Widen and lengthen the stitch a bit (3.5 length and 3 width).
  • Make sure you are using the walking foot and a stretch needle.
  • The fabric should hang past the foot a ¼” so that the seam allowance is ¾”.
  • Starting in 3 inches from the short edge, backstitch (tie the knot) and then sew down the side, stopping 3 inches from the end and back stitch.

  • infinity scarf 3b

    Sew the short sides:

  • Turn it right side out.
  • Now that the tube is right side out, find the seam you sewed. Make sure it is on one edge and flatten it.
  • Fold the fabric in half so that the two unsewn (short) edges touch.

  • infinity scarf 3b

    Connect the ends:

  • Starting with the inner two fabrics, pin them right sides together all the way across. Keep pinning around the curve, pulling little by little to put right sides together until the entire raw edges of short ends are pinned right sides together (it will look like a flower coming out of a tube).
  • Now, sew little bits at a time (straighten, sew, straighten, sew) along the pinned short edges, back stitching at both ends.
  • Stuff the flower back through the hole and voila, your scarf is almost done!

  • infinity scarf 3d

    Sew the hole closed:

  • Carefully fold under the raw edges and pin the hole shut. Topstitch the hole closed using a long, straight stitch (for example, a length of 4).

  • And there you have it! Your new infinity scarf is all ready to accessorize any outfit!

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    28 Responses to “Infinity Scarf Pattern”
    1. Melody Strahan

      These directions are so simple and easy to follow I think my husband could make the scarf! Thank you!

      • Melody Strahan

        Hey Melody . Thanks for the the demo on the way to sew a infinity scalf , its clear and easy to make. My ? Is what about using the cotton fabric , does it make a huge difference ? Best regards . venny


        • National Sewing Circle

          Hi Melody. You can construct an infinity scarf from cotton fabric if you would prefer. The main differences will be that the cotton scarf will not drape the same when you wear it. It is a little thicker. The cotton fabric also won’t have the same stretch, so keep that in mind when putting the scarf on.

    2. Judy

      Any idea on the size for a Mother/Daughter scarf? The daughter is 4 years old. I think she would get swallowed in 2 yards worth of fabric. Thank you!

      • National Sewing Circle

        Hi Judy. A yard to a yard and a half might work better for your daughter. One way to get a good idea of how much fabric you will need is to take measuring tape, wrap it twice and drape it like you would the scarf and see how long it needs to be. If you are still worried that the scarf will look too big on her, you could consider making the width of the scarf smaller. This way it won’t look as bulky when she wraps it around twice.
        Hope this helps!

    3. Gwen Beckley

      This is one of the simplest patterns/instructions I’ve come across for an infinity scarf. Thanks!!

    4. Joanne Gooley

      This is fantastic. I have been putting off making one of these because I did not realize how simple it was. I wear scarfs a lot. Now I will have a lot more. Thank You

    5. Gwen

      Thanks, I’m a learning sewer but I don’t know a lot about patterns ( but want to learn), I do more the repair jobs etc. This looks so easy I’m going to give it a try. 🙂

    6. Lin


    7. Marilyn Barksdale

      Loved your easy-to-sew infinity scarf pattern. I’m going to make some to give away at our annual breast cancer survivors luncheon.

    8. Patricia

      I absolutely love to watch the videos with Aurora Sisneros. She always explains what she is doing with such clarity and I can easily make the project she’s demonstrating. She’s my favorite!

    9. Diana

      Ticket 19893 How wide is the scarf? I know it is 2 feet long but most Jersey knits come 60″. So is it approximately 15″finished? Thanks.

      • Customer Service

        Dear Diana,

        Thank you for contacting us. In regards to your question-

        Yes, you are correct- approximately 15″.

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    10. Mary

      Ticket 20151 This project looks very easy but my walking foot doesn’t seem to walk much. Can I use a serger instead?

      • Customer Service

        Dear Mary,

        Thank you for your patience. In regards to your question-

        Yes, a serger is a great idea for this project!


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        • Mary

          Thank you, I don’t know what happened to my walking foot but I did order a new one. Will try the serger for the first one.