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Where can I find wide lace and a large variety of lace to make some extension slips for my tunics? I have seen some slips that have four different lace lengths and designs all in the same color. Where do I find them?

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Hi! Many fabric stores carry lace and lace trims. Also, if you need multiple lace trims in different widths all in the same color, you could find a lace fabric with a fancy edge and cut different width off the edge.

If you want a wide selection of lace trims in varying colors and widths you could check out this online store: www.laceheaven.com. They have pages and pages of options.

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7 Responses to “Looking for Lace”

  1. edwin

    where can i find lanyard so i can do my own badge holders i need 2inch wide please

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Good morning Edwin,

      There are a number of places you can find lanyards. After doing a quick Google search there are many sites for you to choose from. You can order 2 inch wide lanyards in multiple designs, patterns, lengths, quantities, and thicknesses. Otherwise craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Jo Anne Fabric stores have lanyards as well!

      Happy Sewing!
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  2. eva kay walsh
    eva kay walsh

    What would be the main problems if you only have enough fabric to cut out pattern on the straight cross grain instead of the straight grain.

  3. Barbara McVay
    Barbara McVay

    Ticket 38700 Where can I find wide lace to make floor-length curtains? And where can I find the strips a weights to sew along the bottom? I fell in love with the curtains I made in Germany 25 years ago but haven’t been able to source the fabric or rods since. Help!