NSC LIVE! August 2017

In this month’s live event with Nicki LaFoille learn how to determine the amount of fabric to buy when using a non-commercial pattern, get tips on storing your sewing machine and learn what advice Nicki would give new sewing students.

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  1. Peggy

    When sewing with knits, how can one prevent the fabric from getting caught in the feed dog?

  2. Salena

    I was wondering if you know a quick fix on a sewing machine where the bobbin winder is not moving ? when I try to fill a bobbin with thread…it just beeps.
    Thanks, Salena

  3. shirley kempen

    I am a newbee and would like to know what is embroidery decoupage and how is it done?


    I have been asked to teach a mommy and me class. I am thinking of having the kids do a pillow case and the moms do a pillow case dress. What are some other simple projects for kids that could be altered for experienced sewers?

  5. Marina

    Hello Nicki!!! Do you recommend pre-washing fabrics before sewing? (For kitchen linen projects)

  6. cindy kern

    Thank you for the live series. Do you hoop the towels you embroidery on! Or do suggest to spray or pin on stabilizer on the towel you are embroidering on?

    • Salena

      I did a lot of research on embroidery machines and found for the right price and very good feedback on it is the Brother LB6800 PRW Project Runway Edition. It is awesome and I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks😎….I got mine at Walmart for 100$ cheaper than everywhere else. Also Amazon has one company selling also for 350$ ….Or if you don’t want the logo and case of Project Runway they have the same machine Brother SE-400 for 309$ . I Hope I helped😊

  7. Maureen

    I found a saying that I really like and want to embroider it on a tshirt. I checked on you tube and the video I watched said to put two pieces of iron on stabilizer on the shirt and place a tear away in the frame. It said to not hoop the tshirt but to pin it to the stabilizer in the hoop. That sounds funny but is it correct or something you would do?