NSC LIVE! March 2018

Join us for another installment in our NSC Live series with the wonderfully talented Nicki LaFoille. Nicki answers your sewing questions in this interactive and informative Q&A.

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25 Responses to “NSC LIVE! March 2018”
  1. Corlis (Corki) Weart Cell

    Do you choose your fabric colors by season or by mood in the moment?

  2. Anita T Floyd

    I would love to win the Ottlite Giveaway. Do not have a floor lamp but love my Ott table lamp.

  3. Laura Jankowski

    What type of Fabric glue stick is good for appliqué and will if gunk up your machine.

  4. Christine

    Do you think There is a big difference in quality of fabric say for instance at Joanne fabrics or a quilting store

  5. (Corki) Weart

    What threads do you find that have longevity without a lot of shedding or shredding?

  6. Laura Jankowski

    Can you use coat and Clark all purpose thread for embroidery on there sewing machine.

  7. Corki Weart

    What entrepreneurial advice to those considering Sewing for business? Dos and Don’ts?

  8. Linda

    I have new fleece fabric and I cant tell which side is the right side, it is printed and looks identical on both sides. Also what needle do I use for sewing on fleece. thanks, love your show linda