NSC LIVE! September 2017

In this month’s live event with Nicki LaFoille, learn what to do when you first un-box a new machine, understand the difference between interfacing and stabilizer and get tips for sewing horsehair braid into hems.

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17 Responses to “NSC LIVE! September 2017”

  1. Jennifer Unroe
    Jennifer Unroe

    Need help learning to make a single long piece of binding, rather than shorter stitching pieces together.

  2. Judy

    For marking use slivers of soap instead of markers. Soap will wash out if if is a washable fabric.

  3. Carmen Lanouette
    Carmen Lanouette

    IDK if this applies, but how do I make a v-neck look nice? I have a pattern but am afraid it won’t work and don’t want to ruin the fabric.

  4. Miira

    I have some old fabric in my stash that are solid colors and appear pretty similar on both sides. How can I tell which is the “right” side that goes on the outside?