Oh Sew Cute Sewing Challenge Project 6: Sewing Supply Holder

Keeping all of your sewing supplies neat and tidy has been made easier with our week six project of the Oh Sew Cute Sewing Challenge: the sewing supply holder!

This holder has a pincushion in the middle and four sides that fold down, each with different shaped pockets or elastic loops to hold everything from spools of thread to extra pins and snips. Open the sewing supply holder and allow it to lay flat while you are working on a project, then fold and tie up the sides to keep everything together when you’re done. This sewing supply holder is also perfect if you need to transport your sewing supplies anywhere!

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Ashley’s overview of this week’s project:

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10 Responses to “Oh Sew Cute Sewing Challenge Project 6: Sewing Supply Holder”

  1. harriet.simons

    I’d like to enlarge this to make it a packing module for my suitcase..it could hold t-shirts or other items. You can buy them but they cost a fortune.

  2. Grace

    I’m excited to begin my bag. I’m always dropping something when l take my things out or losing thread

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