Top 5 Sewing Tips from the Experts

Top 5 Sewing Tips from the Experts

We talked to our team of expert sewing instructors and asked them what special tip or technique they thought every sewer should know. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, these five essential sewing tips will ensure your time at the machine is pleasant and productive!

Check out the list below for the five tips, or download a copy of the handy Top 10 Sewing Tips Guide for even more information!

1. Thread your needle like a pro

Instead of moistening the tip of your thread before threading your needle, moisten the BACK of the needle. The thread will glide right through.

2. Never watch the needle

Don’t get distracted by the needle while you’re sewing. Instead watch the marks on your throat plate guide to ensure a straight, even stitch line.

3. Use your spool caps

Don’t just toss those little caps in your sewing basket or accessory case. (Or worse, the trash!) These help keep wind off the spool easier in your machine.

4. Make sure your presser foot is up when threading

This releases the tension discs and ensures your thread will be in the right spot. The tension will lock when the presser foot is down.

5. Keep temporary spray adhesive handy

Shortcuts are okay! Spray adhesive can tame stubborn fabrics that are difficult to sew together, preventing a lot of headaches. It washes out easily in the washing machine.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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19 Responses to “Top 5 Sewing Tips from the Experts”

  1. Jane Carroll
    Jane Carroll

    After changing machine settings such as stitch choice, stitch length and thread tension, I test the stitch on a piece of white printer paper. It’s very good for testing settings and so far the settings I determine this way are correct for the fabric – and it doesn’t waste fabric. By the way, of you’re organized, you can write the machine settings and fabric descriptions on the same piece of paper and save them for future reference.

  2. Pamela Dumbleton
    Pamela Dumbleton

    As a long time self taught sewer we don’t realize that not everyone is aware of these tips so good on you for taking the time to put it out there giving everyone an even playing field. Keep up the good work.

  3. Greco

    I really like that first tip! I have always learned that I should moisten the top end! I have never top about the back! That’s a really smart idea that I will have to try out. I am learning how to sew currently, and it is proving to be a lot of fun! Do you have any more tips that help with using a sewing machine?

  4. Alice A Hunter
    Alice A Hunter

    Ticket: 26866 – What is the cap of the thread? Is it the paper piece?

    • Susan Ketchum
      Susan Ketchum

      The thread cap is a disc shaped plastic piece that probably came with your machine. The sometimes have a felt piece, too. My older machines never had these but my new machine does.

  5. susieqlv

    Well, geeeez, the elephant in the room . . . . Your “Top Ten” list kinda shrank by half, did it not? Do you not have proofreaders?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Susie!

      Thank you for letting us know! We thought we had adjusted everything but you helped us out! We will get this fixed asap!


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  6. Kathleen Lumbert
    Kathleen Lumbert

    help1 I love sewing but recent changes to my vision prevent me from being able to thread my machine; can you help?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Great question! The ‘Ask an Expert’ section is currently for members of our online community. By becoming a member, you will have access to our expert’s knowledge. With your membership you will also receive discounts on products and hundreds of hours of Premium content.

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