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How to Sharpen Seam Rippers

Hi! I just have a quick question about how to keep my sewing supplies in good working order. What’s the best way to go about sharpening a seam ripper? Submitted via YouTube Hi there! A seam ripper can be sharpened with steel wool or by using a… Read More

Differential on a Sewing Machine

In Aurora’s differential video, she talks about differential feed on a serger. My question is, does a regular sewing machine have a differential? I found I needed to buy a walking foot so that my sewing was without pulling or pushing. Is there something I should fix on… Read More

Bust Adjustments When Buying Patterns

I could use some tips on bust adjustments when I buy patterns. I wear a 36D bra, but in ready-to-wear dresses I’m a size 8 or 10. Should I make necessary adjustments in the bust area and use waist, hip, etc. measurements for my patterns? Submitted by… Read More

Embroidery Machine Recommendations

I’m looking at getting an embroidery machine for my birthday in a few months. I would like something I can add designs to, but not sure which is best. Would you be able to recommend some? Submitted via Facebook Hi! There are many different brands and models… Read More

Help with Hemming

Hi there, my name is David (Davy) Chalmers. I live on the Island of Fetlar, Shetland Isles, Scotland, and that is as far north you can go (without falling off the edge) in the UK. Anyway, enough of the geography lesson. I am 73 years young and rather… Read More

Tips for Sewing with Minky

I have a question on your video about how to sew with minky. I’m trying to make some quilt blocks with minky, where minky is sewn to minky. I’m using it on both sides of the quilt and swear I will never do it again! Any tips… Read More

What Can I Sew for My Grandson?

Hello! I have just purchased a new sewing machine and was wondering if you have any ideas of things I could sew for my beautiful 10-month-old grandson. I am only a basic sewer and I don’t have an overlocker. I just need some ideas to get me motivated… Read More

Where Can I Buy Oilcloth?

I see you have a lot of projects on your site using oilcloth. My question is, where do you even find this kind of fabric? I tried all my local fabric stores and none of them sell it. Most have never even heard of it! Submitted by… Read More

Looking for Lace

Where can I find wide lace and a large variety of lace to make some extension slips for my tunics? I have seen some slips that have four different lace lengths and designs all in the same color. Where do I find them? Submitted via Facebook… Read More

Turning a Purse Inside Out

Hi, I have a question about sewing purses and purse linings. How do you turn your purse right-side out after putting in the lining? Any help you can give me would be great! Submitted by Aliyah It will depend on what technique you use when attaching your… Read More