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The Ins and Outs of Bias Tape

Do you find yourself staring down the rows and rows of bias tape at the craft store? Not sure what to do with all those colorful packages but nonetheless drawn to them? There’s no need to hesitate when considering bias tape as an embellishment or seam finish. It’s a great… Read More

All About Cutting Mats

If you do a lot of sewing, you know that a rotary cutter is a must-have. But if you use a rotary cutter, you’ll also need good quality cutting mat made for that purpose to keep your surfaces intact, your fingers safe, and your… Read More

How to Buy a Sewing Machine

Buying a sewing machine can be intimidating, whether it’s your first one or you are looking to upgrade. There are hundreds of models under numerous brands that all have something different to offer. Here are some things to consider when buying your next, or first machine. What is Your… Read More

Calling All Button Snobs

This blog is a shout out to all the button snobs out there. That’s right, I admit it – I too am a button snob. When it comes to buttons, I have very strong opinions about the size, color, and texture, and how they are incorporated… Read More

Everyone Needs a Buddy

If you are anything like me, you have so much fabric in your stash that it’s hard to keep it all straight! But, as we all know, new fabrics are a necessity in the wonderful world of sewing, and – let’s be honest – half the fun… Read More