Ashley Hough

Sewing Custom Cushions & Covers

Ashley Hough
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Sewing Custom Cushions & Covers
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In this session Ashley will go over fabric choices and show some of the many foam options to choose from. You will also learn the difference between piping and cording and see what feet to use when applying these trims.
In this session Ashley will show how to cut the foam pieces to fit your specific furniture. She will also show how to make piping using both straight of grain and bias fabric- depending on where you plan to use the piping.
In this session Ashley will show step-by-step how to make a straight round cover for a barstool accented with cording. She will also show how to add pleats to the cover and use piping as an alternative to cording.
In this session Ashley will show how to make the chair template, and then show how to use that to make either a cushion or cover. She will also show several different attachment options for the cushion.
In this session Ashley will show how to make a straight bench cover with vertical piping. She will also show how to use buttons and foam to add a tufted top to a bench cushion or cover.
5 Lessons
2  hrs 27  mins

Adding a new cushion or cover to a chair, barstool or bench can be a great way to add a pop of color to your décor. In this class you will learn how to make custom cushions and covers for all three.

First Ashley Hough will talk about some of the different kinds of fabrics, foam and trim that can be used. The type of fabric and foam you choose to use can differ depending on where you plan to use your cushion or cover- whether indoors or outdoors.

Next you will learn how to measure your own stools, chairs and benches to create pattern pieces and templates to make cushions and covers that fit your specific furniture. Ashley will also show how to make your own piping, so you can have trim that perfectly coordinates with your fabric.

Finally, Ashley will show how to add decorative techniques like tufting to your cushions or covers, which can give your final product a designer look and a more professional finish.

Ashley Hough

Ashley has sewn for years. Her mother taught her at a very young age. When first starting out, she stuck to mastering commercial patterns before venturing into creating her own. Her patterns have been featured in <em>Sew News</em>, <em>Sew It All</em>, and she has even been on <em>Sew It All TV</em>. Quilting is somewhat new to Ashley, but she dove in head first – coming up with an original design for her first quilt that included curved seams and hand appliqué! She was even lucky enough to have it featured in one of Quilty’s "This is My Quilt" episodes. Ashley loves all things crafty, from sewing to knitting, crochet to quilting, and everything in between. When she isn’t working on a new project or learning a different technique she loves teaching her passion to others.

Ashley Hough

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