Pressing Tools

Suzy Furrer
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In this session, Suzy touches on the many different pressing tools and techniques that will be covered throughout the class.
In this session, Suzy talks about three important components to consider when selecting and iron, which are weight, steam, and base material. She then demonstrates proper pressing technique and discusses when to press seams open or to one side.
In this session, Suzy goes over four different pressing tools; the seam roll, ham, card stock, and pressing mit, and demonstrates how each are used.
In this session, Suzy explains when to use three different pressing tools; the clapper, wood block, and point presser, and explains why each is beneficial depending on the fabric or project.
In this session, Suzy covers the sleeve board, half dowel, and needle board, and explains when each should be used depending on the different areas of a garment as well as different fabrics.
In this session, Suzy talks about when to use a cheese cloth and a roller, depending on what fabric is being pressed. She also discusses why a pressboard is a good addition to your sewing room and explains how you can make one.
In this session, Suzy explains when and how to use a spray bottle and a press cloth when pressing and discusses some of the different fabrics that press cloths can be made from. She also shows a great tip for using a lint roller to remove thread after a seam has been ripped out.
Suzy wraps up the class with a recap of the pressing tools and techniques that will help take your sewing to a professional level.
8 Lessons
1  hrs 26  mins

Having the right pressing tools, and learning to press properly, are the most productive and inexpensive ways to elevate the look of your sewn garments to the professional level. Different pressing tools are needed for different tasks and different tools are needed for different fabrics. While an iron is certainly the most important piece of pressing equipment, it should not be your only tool. Join this class for a discussion on building a collection of pressing tools and learn professional pressing techniques along the way.

Suzy Furrer

Suzy Furrer has over 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She began her career as a freelance patternmaker and directed the development of capsule collections for small fashion companies. Suzy is the Founder and Director of Apparel Arts (established 1996) and Apparel Arts Productions (www.ApparelArtsProductions.com), an online fashion design school established in 2020. Suzy developed a comprehensive curriculum to give students in-depth training to be strong candidates to enter the workforce in apparel or costume design or to simply build strong sewing and drafting skills for one's own personal use. Apparel Arts has graduated hundreds of students who currently work in the apparel or costuming industries. In addition, she has been an instructor for GAP Inc.’s Product Development Immersion Program. Suzy teaches and speaks at sewing and craft conferences, sewing guilds, and art schools and has taught classes for the employees of entertainment giants Pixar and Lucas Films. She is the author of Building Patterns, The Architecture of Women’s Clothing.


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