Nicki LaFoille

Sewing with Velvet

Nicki LaFoille
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Sewing with Velvet
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Get an overview of what you will learn in this course, such as the weaving process of velvet, tips and techniques for sewing this tricky fabric, and the supplies you will need to create a velvet circle skirt.

In this session Nicki explains the rich history of velvet and the manufacturing process used to create this unique fabric.

Discover the diverse velvet varieties, such as crushed velvet and devore, and how they are different from plain velvet. Plus learn about similar fabrics that are often mistaken for velvet, such as velveteen and velour.

In this session Nicki explains the best sewing patterns types to sew in velvet, how to treat the velvet nap when cutting out pattern pieces and tips and tricks to preserve the velvet pile when transferring pattern markings.

Nicki explains useful tips, tricks & techniques for sewing this shifty fabric. From stabilizing and sewing to pressing, hemming and storing, you'll learn all about how to work with velvet.

In this session you will learn how to draft a half circle skirt pattern using your own measurements.
Put the techniques you've learned to use to make a skirt. Nicki guides you through the process step-by-step, from cutting out the pattern and each step of sewing to create an elastic waistband, 3/4 circle skirt.
7 Lessons
1  hrs 43  mins

Often it seems that the most luxurious and beautiful fabrics are the most difficult to work with. Velvet falls decidedly into that category. In this course Nicki LaFoille takes the fear out of sewing with velvet by demonstrating practical tips for working with this tricky fabric.

Not all velvet varieties play by the same rules. There are a wide variety of velvets made with a variety of fibers, and a lot of different finishing techniques used to create different effects. Nicki will show some of these velvet varieties and talk about the differences between them.

The 3-D structure of velvet affects everything about how it’s handled, including how a pattern is cut out and the marking techniques that are appropriate. The shifting of the velvet pile is never greater than when sewing velvet to velvet. In this course, Nicki demonstrates stabilizing techniques to ensure even seams.

Pressing also requires specific considerations to avoid crushing the beautiful pile that gives velvet its soft texture and organic shine.

There are certain tools and techniques that make sewing velvet smoother and easier and ensure the fabric isn’t damaged. Nicki explains the best needle and thread to use, pattern types that suit velvet best and hem techniques that work best on velvet.

After learning all these great techniques for sewing velvet, Nicki will show you how to sew a velvet circle skirt. This easy project is a great intro to sewing velvet, plus you get instructions on how to draft a circle skirt to your measurements so you can sew it in any fabric you choose.

Velvet can seem intimidating because it’s so different from standard woven or knit fabrics but those differences are what makes it beautiful and unique, and what’s going to your velvet sewing projects noticed.

Nicki LaFoille

Nicki LaFoille has been sewing for over 20 years. After her grandmother taught her to hand sew at the tender age of 11, Nicki fell in love with the craft and went on to receive a degree in Apparel Design from Central Michigan University. She worked as Associate Editor, then freelance contributor for Sew News, Sew It All and Creative Machine Embroidery magazines, and appeared as a guest on Sew It All TV. She lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her husband, daughter, and red worm colony. In addition to being a seamstress, she is an author of several novels and enjoys gardening and canning the bounty.

Nicki LaFoille

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