Linda Lee

The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Knit Fabrics Class + DVD

Linda Lee
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Meet your instructor, designer and author Linda Lee, as she introduces you to many of the techniques you'll explore in this class and offers tips on how to maximize your learning experience.
Discover the different properties of knit fabrics and delve into which ones are best for which projects. Learn how to measure for stretch and cut knit fabric, and gather Linda's tips for adding stability with interfacing. Finally, explore the relationship between fabric type, thread type and needle choice and determine which ones are best for your project.
Learn about the unique challenges of working with sheer knits such as mesh, crochet and other open-weave fabrics. Linda offers tips and techniques for marking and seaming these slinky and delicate fabrics. Then, see how to use fusible web tape to keep edges from rolling up as you create beautiful hems with your home sewing machine or a serger.
Explore tissue-weight knits, including viscose, polyester, bamboo and wool, which are perfect for making light layers and even lingerie. Then, learn the three best way to seam these knits to ensure stability and strength. Finally, Linda shares tips for using a double needle and teaches a variety of ways to hem your fabric: from using a cover stitch to adding a feminine lettuce-edge finish.
See how the mid-weight knits you already know and love offer enough structure for shirts, dresses and even pants! Learn how to make professional ready-to-wear seams as you combine a home machine and a serger and how to bulk up your seams for these harder-working garments. While you can use the same hems you might use on lightweight knits, Linda shows you how to maximize stretch with the help of fusible knit hem tape. Finally, create perfectly flat buttonholes using your home machine.
Add ready-to-wear details that will make your knit fabrics look like they came from a department store! Learn how to measure for, and ease in, an elastic waistband as Linda takes you through the calculations you need to create bands that stay in place. Then, make professional-looking neck bindings and sleeve trims as Linda shows you how to add a double band for a great design detail. Finally, tackle set-in sleeves in the round as Linda shows you how this tricky art translates from woven fabric into knit.
Create beautiful pants and suits that have gorgeous drape as Linda shares her secrets for working with structured double-knit fabrics. Discover the best methods for seaming and hemming and then see how to create flawless collars with sharp points and beautiful shaping. Gather Linda's tips for grading seams with this lofty knit and sew an elastic waistband right on your garment, no casing required!
Add texture and warmth to your wardrobe as Linda previews all of the wonderful heavyweight knits available, including French terry, bouclé, fleece and sweater knits. Then, see how easy it is to add a contrasting, single-fold binding for a professional finish. Then, add fun and function to your wardrobe as Linda shows you how to add an exposed zipper, sewn right on the front of your garment!
Always know what to do with specialty knits! Learn how to set in a rib-knit cuff as Linda shows you how quickly this design accent comes together. Pin your two pieces together and get Linda's advice on what type of seam to use to create banded cuffs or even waistbands! Then, discover how easy it is to felt wool using your home washing machine to create structured, textured fabric, perfect for making jackets. Linda shows you how to create an overlapping, faux flat-felled seam that will never come apart.
9 Lessons
2  hrs 24  mins

Become an expert in sewing knits alongside pattern designer Linda Lee. Learn to select the ideal knits for all of your projects. Choose the right needles, threads and machine feet for easier, better sewing. Achieve dreamy results with delicate sheer and open-weave fabrics. Master tissue knits to sew light layers or lingerie like a pro. Sew medium-weight knits that offer excellent structure for shirts, dresses and pants. Get the best tips for working with double knits to transform them into elegant dresses and suits. Make heavy knits work for you to tackle winter in style. Conquer chic novelty knits for one-of-a-kind garments. Plus, upgrade your knit garments with ready-to-wear details: flawless elastic waistbands, neck bindings and set-in sleeves. Get tips for sewing knits of any variety, and achieve rewarding results every time!

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Linda Lee

Linda Lee has loved fabric for as long as she can remember, so it's no surprise that she has spent her career working in fashion and interior design. She is the owner of The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection, where adventurous sewers can find patterns for distinctive garments created with innovative techniques. She has written numerous sewing books and contributed articles to magazines including Threads, Sew News and Stitch. She has also been the sewing expert for segments on the HGTV programs "Today at Home" and "Our Home."

Linda Lee

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