Aurora Sisneros

Working with Laminates

Aurora Sisneros
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Working with Laminates
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In this session Aurora will review 3 different types of laminates; oil cloth, vinyl and laminated cotton. You will learn the history of these products and the benefits and best uses of each of them.

Sewing laminates can be very tricky for many sewists. Aurora will take you through important tips to make sewing with laminates a breeze! You will have the opportunity to learn various ways painter’s tape can benefit your project when using laminates, as well as the different foot types you may want to use.

Caring for laminates is very easy; household cleaner or even just some water will get the dirt right off! The one thing you need to be careful about is ironing on laminates. In this session, Aurora will take you through how to store your laminates to avoid wrinkling them, as well as the best ways to get wrinkles out if you have them.

This session is all about the best ways to cut out your laminates! Pins are very helpful in keeping the pattern steady for the laminated cloth, but the oil cloth and clear vinyl are a little bit thicker, making it difficult to get pins in without moving the pieces around. But don’t worry; there are tips and tricks Aurora will show you that will make cutting your pieces easy! You will get to see step-by-step instructions on how to make sure you get a perfect cut, every time.

Learn how to make your very own wallet! In this session, Aurora will take you through everything you need to know on making an oil cloth wallet.. The best way to start is with the backing. Aurora will also walk you through the clear vinyl piece of the wallet, and how to create zippers on thick vinyl, which can be tricky. From mitered corners to adding zippers and putting it all together, you will have the tools you need to be successful.

Do you prefer laminate cotton over oil cloth? If that’s the case, this segment is just for you! Laminate cotton is a little different to work with than the other two because of the weave in the fabric and it is slightly thinner. Aurora shows you how to adjust the way you construct the wallet based on the fabric you are using. Not to mention, the tips you learn from this project will carry over to a variety of projects in which you want to use laminates.

6 Lessons
1  hrs 24  mins

Laminates are one of the most versatile fabric groups to work with. Due to their natural water-resistant properties, laminates allow you to work on a variety of different projects, such as placemats, coasters, the backing of picnic blankets, beach bags, grocery bags and more! They come in many different forms, but I will focus on three in this class:

  • Oil Cloth
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate Cotton
  • Some are stiffer than others, which can make a great sturdy bag or tablecloth, and some are lighter, perfect for raincoats. Aurora will give you many different tips and tricks on how to sew each kind of laminate to get the best look to your next project.

    The great thing about laminates is they are cost effective. Oilcloth, for example, is 100% laminated. This means there are no natural fibers, such as wool or cotton, and therefore bring the cost down! However, if you want a higher-end fabric for your project, you can get Laminated Cotton, which is quilting-weight cotton beautifully printed, and coated in a clear coat of laminate.

    Throughout this class, Aurora will also show you two different types of wallets to make with laminates. We have also included a pattern and step-by-step instruction guide to make your very own! Aurora will give you everything you need to be able to create your next laminate project with confidence and success!

    Aurora Sisneros

    Aurora grew up around sewing, her mother is a master seamstress who got her into sewing at an early age, and in turn, she got her mother into knitting and crochet after discovering it to be a more portable addiction. After spending 15 years as an IT professional, she realized that many women with high-stress responsibilities — either in the workplace or in the home — need a hobby in order to de-stress. It is her drive to inspire and support women to find their creative side through sewing and crafting!

    Aurora Sisneros

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