Working with Laminates + DVD

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Working with Laminates + DVD
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6 Lessons
1  hrs 24  mins

Laminates are one of the most versatile fabric groups to work with. Due to their natural water-resistant properties, laminates allow you to work on a variety of different projects, such as placemats, coasters, the backing of picnic blankets, beach bags, grocery bags and more! They come in many different forms, but I will focus on three in this class:

  • Oil Cloth
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate Cotton

Some are stiffer than others, which can make a great sturdy bag or tablecloth, and some are lighter, perfect for raincoats. Aurora will give you many different tips and tricks on how to sew each kind of laminate to get the best look to your next project.

The great thing about laminates is they are cost effective. Oilcloth, for example, is 100% laminated. This means there are no natural fibers, such as wool or cotton, and therefore bring the cost down! However, if you want a higher-end fabric for your project, you can get Laminated Cotton, which is quilting-weight cotton beautifully printed, and coated in a clear coat of laminate.

Throughout this class, Aurora will also show you two different types of wallets to make with laminates. We have also included a pattern and step-by-step instruction guide to make your very own! Aurora will give you everything you need to be able to create your next laminate project with confidence and success!

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