Jessica Giardino

The Wonderful World of Nylon

Jessica Giardino
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The Wonderful World of Nylon
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Jump right into the action with a brief introduction from Jessica Giardino. From there, an overview of the class will be provided to give you a look into what you will learn in The Wonderful World of Nylon. The instructor will also provide a description of how nylon is made, along with a short history of nylon.
Take a gander at the many forms of nylon available on the market. Fabrics such as tricot nylon knits, water resistant swimwear and 100% nylon organza will be displayed. Upon reviewing each fabric, Jessica Giardino will share an ideal usage for the specific fabric. You will also receive an in-depth look at ripstop and other outerwear nylon fabrics.
Discover how easy caring for nylon can be! We will discuss optimal washing techniques as well as drying suggestions. Pressing nylon can be tricky; learn how to press your nylon without fear and other fantastic methods for removing annoying creases.
Check out a variety of tools necessary for sewing nylon. Discover how easy cutting and sealing the edges of the fabric can be with the assistance of a hot knife. Also, learn all the safety precautions required for using a hot knife. And finally, you will learn tips for sewing nylon without stress.
Making strong nylon seams simply requires knowledge of preferred seam finishes. Watch and sew along with the instructor as you sew three different seam finishes. Each one will work well with ripstop and many other forms of nylon. Once you know how to complete each of these finishes, your seams are sure to last for years to come.
Jessica Giardino will give you step by step instructions for creating the adventure-ready travel purse. Be sure to print out the provided cutting guide and prep your fabric pieces beforehand. Stitch along with her to install three zippered pockets and a cross-body strap. It’s a perfect project to test out your skills, and could also be a great gift!
6 Lessons
1  hrs 29  mins

Add nylon to your sewing repertoire and expand your skills by leaps and bounds! Many sewists avoid nylon, thinking it is too difficult to attempt. In this class, you’ll learn to tackle the fraying edges and slippery surface of nylon fabrics with grace and aplomb.

Watch as the instructor, Jessica Giardino, shows off several different types of nylon fabric available and each one’s ideal usage. A brief description on the history of nylon will add to your knowledge base. Also, the instructor will describe the process of making nylon for curious fiber enthusiasts. Discover the ease of using a hot knife as well as the necessary safety precautions.

The class will wrap up with full instructions on how to make your own cute and flirty travel purse. This project will give you the opportunity to uncover your inner nylon sewing skills while creating your first nylon project. The cross-body purse is the perfect size for a passport, cash and map. It’s great to give as a gift to a travel enthusiast or make it for your next outing. The ripstop nylon and three different zippered pockets make this purse look sporty and professional.

The class includes six different segments covering all the knowledge you need to get started sewing nylon. Learn seam finishes, caring for the fabric, best tools to use and tricks for sewing nylon like a pro.

You will even receive two PDFs which include a detailed cutting guide for the Travel Purse along with a resource guide with additional tips and tricks for working with Nylon. By the end of the class, you’ll be itching to get stitching a second nylon project to impress your friends and family!

Jessica Giardino

Hailing from a long line of artists, crafters and make-do-and-menders, Jessica grew up enjoying several different creative outlets. As an adult this has translated into finding any excuse to create daily. Her passion for sewing was handed down from her grandmother and mother. Previously, Jessica worked as a member of the amazing team that creates <em>Sew News</em>, <em>Creative Machine Embroidery</em>, and <em>Sew it All</em> magazines. Her work has appeared in the pages of each publication and she was featured on two episodes of <em>Sew it All TV</em>. When not stitching, Jessica can be found walking her tiny dog, seeking out delicious tacos, and playing all sorts of games in Portland, OR.

Jessica Giardino

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