5 Skirt Patterns Perfect for Summer

The warmer weather is here to stay, and it’s time to evaluate your summer wardrobe before the temperatures get hot, hot, HOT. Fun and feminine, skirts are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. No matter what your body type, you can find a pattern that is flattering, cool, and comfortable.

Additionally, skirts are great projects for the novice seamstress. Many patterns are quick and easy to stitch up, and depending on the pattern and size, you may be able to sew a skirt with as little as a yard of fabric. Here we’ve collected five of our favorite tutorials perfect for crafting your very own summer skirt wardrobe.

1. Drawstring-Waist Strip Skirt

drawstring-waist strip skirt

Suppose you want to sew a skirt, but you’re lacking elastic for the waist, and you don’t want to waste precious sewing time running to the store to pick it up? This skirt tutorial by Jessica Giardano will show you how to make a flattering drawstring waist skirt. This skirt takes Ellen March’s pattern (featured below) and tweaks it, adding a pair of triangular patch pockets as a fashion accent along with a drawstring waist. Additionally, Jessica explains how to use the blind hem foot on your machine, helping you complete your skirt in record time with no pesky hand-stitched hemming.

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2. Summer Swim Skirt

summer swim skirt

Don’t be intimidated by sewing swimwear! Stitching up a swim skirt is the perfect way to step into sewing swimwear. In this video, Ashley Hough shows you how to do just that. She also includes many helpful tips for sewing with knits, including the type of needles you will need and how to properly set your stitch length. If you can’t find a cute skirt to match you suit this summer, you can just make your own!

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3. Easy Strip Skirt

easy strip skirt

Many seamstresses are intimated at the thought of drafting their own patterns and creating a garment of their own personal design. However, in this helpful video Ellen March shows you how to make a six-gore skirt pattern with your own body measurements. You can choose the length of the skirt and adjust the pattern to fit your body.

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4. Knit Pencil Skirt

knit pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are perfect for the office, and the properties of a stretchy knit fabric make sewing a flattering pencil skirt easy. In this helpful video, Aurora Sisneros demonstrates how to measure yourself properly, translate those measurements into a well-fitting pattern, include seam allowances, and use a conventional sewing machine or serger to create an elastic-waist, professionally-finished garment. She also includes helpful hints for sewing knits, like how to figure out the correct side of a solid colored knit fabric.

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5. Flirty Circle Skirt

flirty circle skirt

With its flared silhouette, a circle skirt is flattering to almost every body type. If you have great legs, you can show them off with a shorter length, or camouflage some trouble spots with a longer length. Circle skirts are cool and comfy for hot summer days because of the way that the fabric stretches and flutters in the breeze. In this video tutorial, Beth Bradley takes you through the process of stitching up a lightweight circle skirt in the fabric of your choice. She also includes fabric selection tips in case you are not sure about what type of fabric will be best for this project.

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If you have a body type that’s hard to fit, love stitching your own clothes, or need a special garment for an important occasion, try sewing a summer skirt. If you sew all five of these patterns, you will be well on your way to overhauling your closet for the summer!

Happy sewing!

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  2. Laura Clem

    I want to make a skirt would great if iI could put shorts under to be a skirt dress. My mother for all her girls there were 5 girls and 3 brothers . She sewed all the time , they only thing she didn’t make were jackets. Moms gone 4 years now. The last thing I made and she told me exactly how to cut and to make it round. I made a Christmas tree skirt. There’s been times I wanted to call and ask her a question.

  3. LeslieAnne Chanona

    I’m so much interested in learning from your pattern

  4. Patricia Taylor

    I’m happy to have these patterns for skirts for summer. They will for sure be used in the hot summers.

  5. Nancy S Lopez

    Seems simple to make. I love to wear skirts… I prefer them over over pants really if they are close to my ankles in length. No short skirts for me even in my younger days. I love the material the young lady was using to make the skirt in the video!!

  6. Julieanne Voyer

    i also have nerve damage in my leg and find shorts or heavy clothing hurts so i wear a knit pattern shirt and is very light doesn’t irate the nerve. try lightest material.

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  8. Connie

    Due to spine problems I can not tolerate the pressure of my skirt waists on spine. Have been attempting to combine my skirts with a shirt or top of some type with loose either higher or dropped waists. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Connie. Do you mean you are looking for ways to sew your skirts and skirts together into more of a dress style?

      • Elisa Cossey Brock

        She wants to combine her skirts with some of her tops. I have the same problem

    • Wynn

      I suggest trying a high waisted skirt or even a maternity skirt!! Because you don’t get anything tight around your waist at the spine with high waist. Also they’re usually elastic so it’s not too tight or solid.

      • Jeannette Jennings

        Sew a Very simple tank top to a skirt make it either high waisted or low waisted and then wear with some other simple top over if wanted.

    • Edna

      Why not just make or buy a comfy dress rather than a skirt? Something with no waistband. It can be made in an A-line style that curves in at the waist for shaping without the pressure of a skirt with waistband. All skirts need to have some kind of waistband. Just a thought. Look luck.

    • Ricki

      If you have a t-shirt you like, measure around the bottom, add 1/2 again to that measurement then cut a piece of fabric that wide and however long you want the skirt. Gather the top edge to fit the bottom of the t-shirt sew and you have a dress with no waistline. Very comfy too!

    • Marian

      A T-shirt which skims your hips will work as the top. You can gather the skirt slightly or more fully to your taste. I use the hem of the shirt to hide the gathers, using two rows of stitching.

  9. Jenny

    Got a pair of old comfy fitting jeans? x cut round from under the back pockets to under the zip x attach desired material of preferred length to the underside of your new jean skirt! X simples!

    • Jennifer Guest

      Please to me mail 1400 East Madison Street apt 302
      Baltimore, Maryland 21205
      Jennifer Guest

    • Alyxis

      So you are basically cutting the legs off and attaching fabric to the upper part. Do I have this straight? Also do you need a needle for Jean material and what stich do you use to attach it?