10 Quick DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween Costumes

For many of us, Halloween sneaks up too quickly to have been able to create an intricate costume. However, it’s still way more fun to make your own outfit rather than purchase one in a store. A DIY Halloween costume tends to be more budget friendly, hold up better (well… depending on your skill), and garner more compliments than store bought costumes. That’s why we’ve put together this list, featuring some of our favorite sewing/DIY bloggers, to give you a few different handmade Halloween costume ideas this year! Check out these awesome costumes by Oh My! Creative, Brit + Co, The Joy of Fashion, Club Crafted, and Studio DIY below.

Avocado Toast Halloween Costume
Brit + Co Avocado Toast Costume

1. Avocado Toast

Looking for something trendy and timely? Try this cute avocado toast poster board costume by Brit + Co, and you’ll look both delicious and adorable. To create the crust and avocado pieces, all you need is felt, a hot glue gun, poster board, and some simple sewing skills. This idea is easy to put together, but looks impressive as a finished product! Get the full tutorial here: Be the Avocado Toast You Always Order for Halloween This Year.

DIY Idiom Costumes
Club Crafted Idiom Costumes

2. Smart Cookie

3. When Life Gives You Lemons

4.Blessing in Disguise

5. Chip on Your Shoulder

Get creative this year and base your costume off a popular saying instead of a popular character! These four DIY idiom outfits by Club Crafted are simple, yet hilarious. Throw these together in a few minutes, and you’ve got an easy & recognizable costume! It’s hard to choose which of these four is the cutest, but you can take your pick of: “smart cookie”, “when life gives you lemons”, “blessing in disguise”, and our personal favorite: “a chip on your shoulder”. Get the full tutorial here: 4 Last-Minute Idiom Halloween Costumes.

Candy bar Halloween costumes
Oh My! Creative Candy Bar Costumes

6. Candy Bar Costume

Much like the avocado toast, this candy bar costume is put together quickly with a hot glue gun, a sewing machine, and some felt. Create any candy bar you want, or even make this a cute couple’s costume such as the one pictured above by Oh My! Creative! This is a great option for a warmer Halloween costume in that chilly October weather. Get the full tutorial here: DIY Candy Bar Halloween Costumes.

DIY Halloween Costume - Queen of Hearts
Joy of Fashion Queen of Hearts Costume

7. Queen of Hearts

Feeling like getting a little glamourous this Halloween? Try out this easy Queen of Hearts DIY costume by Joy of Fashion! Wear any red or black dress and create this elegant neckpiece out of a pack of playing cards for an instant costume. You’ll be wanting to shout, “Off with their heads!” all night long! Get the full tutorial here: {Halloween}: Easy Queen of Hearts Costume.

Gumball machine Halloween costume
Caption: Joy of Fashion Gumball Machine Costume

8. Gumball Machine

Here’s another super cute costume from Joy of Fashion, a pom-pom gumball machine! This DIY dress is sure to be a sweet surprise at any party. All you need to create this cute costume is a red dress, pom-poms, felt, and fabric glue. Get the full tutorial here: {Halloween}: Homemade Gumball Machine Costume.

DIY Cereal Costume
STUDIO DIY! Cereal Bowl Costume

9. Cereal Bowl

This cereal bowl costume from STUDIO DIY! will give you a nostalgic recollection of Saturday mornings spent eating spoonful’s of sugary goodness and watching cartoons. The cereal pieces themselves are made from pool noodles, and the bowl is a paper mache masterpiece. Cute and funny, this is a costume fit for cereal lovers of all kinds. Get the full tutorial here: DIY Cereal Bowl Costume.

DIY Halloween Costume
STUDIO DIY! Pie Slice Costumes

10. Slices of Pie

Another fun creation from STUDIO DIY! are these pie slice costumes. Take your pick of lemon, key lime, pumpkin, or a different pie of your choice! This cardboard pie is a piece of cake to make! Or rather… a piece of pie! The adorable headband piece to match the pie pulls the whole costume together, and the variety of pies makes this a great group costume choice. Get the full tutorial here: DIY Pie Slice Costumes.

What are you planning on being for Halloween this year? We hope we’ve inspired you to create one of these cute costumes. Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Responses to “10 Quick DIY Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. Tate Elliott

    I think a good addition the the Smart Cookie would be a graduation cap. And if I were still a single guy, I might make a Mr. Goodbar costume. Or, if I had the hat for it, a Three Musketeers bar.

  2. Cassandra J. Allen

    Wow! This is crazy! Halloween is a fun party time. We don't all get to go to Louisiana for Mardi gras... so our crazy time is Oct 31. Lighten up folks!

  3. Leiloni Gilbert

    That's a very different approach to costumes. I need a costume to sew, not glue...I'm not good with hot glue, I like my fingertips left intact.

  4. Brenda Willis

    I think they are adorable! Halloween is about being creative and being something you aren't!- Like these ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Margy

    I liked the blessing in disguise and the gum ball machine - not sure why people can’t just be nice

  6. Marsha

    Really? That's all they could come up with? Those are the most amazingly idiotic costumes Ive ever seen! Especially the pie slices! Who thinks up these totally unattractive ideas? Even the "glamorous", "sexy" card costume looks like something my grandmother wouldn't get caught dead in! Honestly!

  7. Becky

    Get a grip you guys. It's Halloween - time for fun. No political correctness required

  8. Kay

    Halloween is just an excuse to dress up and act like a child for a little while. That includes food, guessing games on what you are with the sayings, frightening or beautiful. These are fun. Life should be as fun as possible.


    These are very creative and cute. Maybe these examples will give others additional ideas about possible spooks, goblins, and animals.

  10. Carmen

    Halloween is about souls, spirits, characters, even animals not inanimate objects, sayings and food.