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I’m looking at getting an embroidery machine for my birthday in a few months. I would like something I can add designs to, but not sure which is best. Would you be able to recommend some?

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Hi! There are many different brands and models of embroidery machines available on the market today. When it comes to choosing the best one, you want to consider how often you will be using it, what your skill level is, and how much you are willing to spend on it.

To find what machine will work best for you I would recommend going to a brand’s website and looking through their options. For example, this site shows how you can sort through the machines based on your skill level and what features you may want it to have. Once you have narrowed down your choices a bit you can go to a dealer and try out the machine before you buy it.

Hope that gives you some direction!


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13 Responses to “Embroidery Machine Recommendations”

  1. Robi Richey

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  2. Suzy J Cooper

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  3. Laurie mullin

    I like Brother. I have 3 of them. I began with the pe150 many years ago. It’s a stand alone embroidery machine and has a 4x4 field. It can do 5x7 designs but you have to split the design into thirds which is a pain in the jester. Then I bought another brother machine that was a combo embroidery/sewing machine. It’s largest field is 6x12. The last one I purchased is one that is a 6 needle machine and a largest sewing field is 12x12. I love them all but you have to figure out what you want it to do and how much you want to spend.

  4. Ruth

    I have the Viking Ruby and the 6 needle Baby Lock I love both of them They are work horses and easy to learn to use thanks to YouTube videos

  5. Cheryl Grider

    What is the easiest way to sew a reversible vest? Using cotton fabric.

  6. Susan

    How to put your words together on a Embroidery machine

  7. Avril

    Hi I'm trying to buy the video be friends with your serger iv surprised all the details to buy it but it won't go through what am I doing wrong is it because I live in Guernsey,iv already bought a video before with no problem can you help Avril

  8. Helen S Haynie

    I bought embroidery software several years ago and found it very difficult. I have tried unsuccessfully to find an individual to teach me one on one classes. Do you have any suggestions for finding a tutor(one on one)for virtual instructions?

  9. Lorraine

    Having just gone through the search for a machine, I would suggest that you decide what you want to do with it. If you're a hobbyist, home sewer and want to make gifts for friends and family, you might look at a combination embroidery and sewing machine. The combination machines are more expensive and you can only do embroidery or sew. Some of my friends use only the embroidery portion since its cumbersome for tem to change back and forth....so the sewing portion is wasted. Prices can range from $300 to $14000+. Fro a first time embroiderer, I would check out the Janome 500E. Its a dedicated embroidery only machine, user friendly (I sat down with the manual and was embroidering in about 15 min). It retails for about $3000. I got mine as a show special for much less. Brother's Dream Machine will scan, digitize, and then embroider. Its lovely, but the price is high. Most of the brands now carry embroidery machines but you need to talk to people who own them. Some are simpler to use with less hassle. Digitizing capabilities and formats vary with the machine. When purchasing designs, there will be a choice of format. Choose the one specific to your machine. Bottom line, learn as much as you can before making your decision. Talk to owners, dealers, and try out the demo machines. Good luck. Embroidery is fun and adds another dimension to your creativity.

  10. Tonia

    I'm having problems with my welt pockets the finished ones always looked pulled ,any tips