How Do I Line Up My Buttons With the Buttonholes?

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I have sewn all my buttonholes using my machine, and now need to sew the buttons using the foot that came with my machine. How can I make sure the buttons are accurately placed to correctly line up with the buttonholes?

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There are several different types of buttons available on the market today. Two hole, as well as four hole buttons are commonly found on shirts, whereas shank buttons are more commonly found on jackets or pants where the fabric tends to be thicker. I recommend lining up the edge that has the buttonholes with the edge where the buttons will be placed with the buttonholes on the top and making a mark using a marking pen through the buttonhole to the other fabric. This will ensure you have a mark at every buttonhole where the buttons need to be placed.

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5 Responses to “How Do I Line Up My Buttons With the Buttonholes?”

  1. Ophelia Dees

    I have a forty year old Kenmore, manual not available, need to know where to set settings for buttonhole. I just had machine serviced, but the material won't feed - I need help otherwise it works fine?

  2. Kaye DeShields

    Thanks so much for the info

  3. Barbara Frerichs

    Making masks for children. Cotton for outside. Want to know what kind of soft yet protective fabric I can use for inside.

  4. Beth

    Want to learn how to sew a button on a pence

  5. Suzann

    Thank you very much for this video it’s very important for me Thank you dear Have a great day