How to Change Seam Allowance on a Serger

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I am a new owner/user of a serger. I want to entirely use a serger to make my next project, specifically learning to sew and cut off fabric using the 1/2″ seam. Is there an easy way for me to edit the instructions so they are 100% serger friendly? Or maybe the serger instructions are available somewhere else?

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If you’ve never used a serger before they can be intimidating. From the multiple thread spools on the top, to loopers instead of a bobbin on the bottom, there’s much about a serger that differs from a conventional sewing machine. For you, the only real change you would need to make is to the seam allowance, given that the pattern incorporates a standard 5/8″ seam allowance. I believe you can adjust the seam allowance on the serger to whatever seam allowance you want to use- meaning your pattern can be used as is.

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Serger Seam Allowance
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