Mother-Daughter Infinity Scarves

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I’m looking to make a set of mother/daughter infinity scarves. What size should the scarf be for a child? She is about 4 years old, and I think she would get swallowed in the 2 yards of fabric recommended for the adult-size scarf. Thank you!

Submitted by Judy

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Hi Judy! A yard to a yard and a half might work better for a 4-year-old. One way to get a good idea of how much fabric you will need is to take measuring tape, wrap it twice and drape it like you would the scarf, and see how long it needs to be. If you are still worried that the scarf will look too big on her, you could consider making the width of the scarf smaller. This way it won’t look as bulky when she wraps it around twice.

Happy sewing!


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