Needle and Foot Needs for Sewing Vinyl

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I just love this tutorial for making a great-looking zippered vinyl bag. Makes a great gift for any occasion. Are there any special types of needle or sewing foot needed to make it easier to work with vinyl?

Submitted by Juanita

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Hi Juanita! When working with vinyl the fabric can actually stick to the bottom of a regular presser foot. To avoid this you can either cover the bottom of your presser foot with tape or buy a Teflon presser foot – both work well.

If you plan to do a lot of work with vinyl I would suggest getting the Teflon foot, as it is much easier to change it out when needed than to continually reapply tape.

Generally you can stitch through vinyl with a universal needle. However, if you are using a heavier weight of vinyl I would recommend using a wedge point needle or a needle meant for working with leather fabric. This will help ensure even stitching and eliminate any puckers or thread breakage.

Hope this helps!


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7 Responses to “Needle and Foot Needs for Sewing Vinyl”

  1. bobbi

    needle and foot need for sewing vinyl

  2. Penny Greene


  3. Christina Way

    This is so timely for me. I just started sewing bags. While I have an older Pfaff sewing machine that should be able to handle this task, my #69 nylon thread keeps breaking and I don't think the bottom tension is correct. I've been looking at needle types and decided to see if I have a leather needle. One problem at a time. Thanks for the helping hand.

  4. Barbara Lemon

    Place a thin layer of Tissue Paper over or under vinyl, where it touches your presser foot or sewing machine. Sew seams and then gently tear away the tissue paper. I use 3mm or longer length stitches, to avoid tearing the vinyl.

  5. Barba

    On your video about ironing vinyl, why not use a hair dryer?

  6. OrahLee

    Also lengthen your stitch length so your seam doesn't "perforate" a line to rip off. Additionally, if you choose to use tape on the bottom of the presser foot, use the frosted magic kind, and a roller foot can sometimes work. I loved putting a clear window or a clear patch pocket in several items I made. Don't be afraid to try vinyl, it is great! OrahLee

  7. Margaret

    You could also by a roller foot for this.