NSC GOLD: Bag Organizer

Learn how to make a bag organizer perfect for a large purse, backpack or duffel. The organizer features many pockets on both the inside and outside in a variety of different sizes as well as pockets with pencil dividers and elastic at the top.


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20 Responses to “NSC GOLD: Bag Organizer”

  1. Judith

    Missed the live. Life happens. Does this mean that I can't get instruction for a how-to? I pulled up for the cutting sizes. Now how to put together?

  2. Terry Robertson

    Can't wait

  3. Elizabeth Hillman

    Little late...hope it is still on


    Silly me! I had all of my pieces cut and was ready to sew. I thought "sew along" was for viewers to sew along LIVE with Ashley, lol. I didn't realize it meant we watched as Ashley sewed along :) Oh well, now my pieces are all cut out and I can go back and view & Pause while I sew the project.

  5. Rose Peterson

    Thank You for this Live Event!

  6. Jacqueline

    Love it! Im going to make one.

  7. mytorontohome

    would be helpful to have a picture of the end result and a list of steps 1, 2, 3, even Ikea gives you a picture of that lol. I wouldn't remember this order doing it on my own. So although the class is very helpful unless you can reference it after it will be difficult to retain it all.

  8. Kathy Ahlert

    Not easy to get on to see video. Trying for 6 minutes. Keeps reverting back to sign in with error message.

  9. Marcy

    Will there be a PDF with sewing instructions.

  10. Kathy Ahlert

    Look forward to learning something new.