NSC GOLD: How to Draft and Make a Shirt Pattern

Learn how to draft and make your own shirt pattern with Ashley Hough. You’ll draft this super simple pattern using your own body measurements, so it’s guaranteed to fit.


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8 Responses to “NSC GOLD: How to Draft and Make a Shirt Pattern”

  1. Marilyn Shenton

    I am here to watch and listen

  2. Joyce

    Fab video I am definitely going to try this. Sadly the video keeps ending before you get to show us the variations that can be done. Gold star otherwise.

  3. Jenny

    sorry I'm very late but very much would still like to view ' how to draft and make a shirt pattern" Thank you

  4. Kathleen

    I'm late. Sorry

  5. Kathleen ES Travis

    My first chance to be involved

  6. Sharon

    Mine cut off at the 46:28 mark

  7. Sheila SVG. Gholkar

    Hello I am a newbie

  8. Marcia

    sorry im late