NSC GOLD: Machine Issues

Ashley Hough, editor at National Sewing Circle, discusses common sewing machine issues – and how to address them.

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22 Responses to “NSC GOLD: Machine Issues”

  1. Mary Casey


  2. julie perry

    how do I see the machine issues? I am a gold member.

  3. Barbara Frost

    Looking forward to this

  4. Colleen Butler

    Would love to see Machine Issues

  5. Barb Napier

    Eager to hear how to deal with sewing machine isssues

  6. Mary

    What about needles falling out when quilting multi layers with what I think s a walking foot..it stays threaded but falls out...go finger

  7. Mary Curran

    Am I too late to attend?

  8. Mary

    Gold member

  9. Carole Essink

    I'm interested!

  10. Carol Robinson

    I would like to watch the live event