NSC LIVE! August 2016

In this month’s live Q&A, Nicki LaFoille covered everything from what type of needles and thread to use when, and how to deal with and fix thread tangles, skipped stitches and other stitch quality issues. She also talked about sewing all sorts of projects from heirloom sewing to baby blankets, draperies to clothes.

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42 Responses to “NSC LIVE! August 2016”

  1. Gmakittycrosstit

    having problem making "bows" for a mini quit.... any suggestions would be appreciated..

  2. LINDA

    What can I do to thread the needle when sewing on my sewing machine?


    When should you service your machine?

  4. tina

    What sewing needles do I use to sew. sequin fabric

  5. Candis

    How can you keep a 1/4" right to the edge when sewing triangles or anything for that matter. Fabric always seems to move to an 1/8"even when holding it

  6. lois willingham

    run a pipe cleaning cheele rod through the tension disk. it will pick up all of the lint in there,

  7. Ricki

    Hate I missed you. Please give 24 hour notice for your next webinar.

  8. Judy Carter

    i am thinking about going in to sewing quilt business , do you have any ideals how i should decide the pricing on them

  9. Fay Francis

    If u miss a lesson can it replay

  10. Maria

    Thank for all the great info. Please keep these live streaming shows coming.