NSC LIVE! August 2017

In this month’s live event with Nicki LaFoille learn how to determine the amount of fabric to buy when using a non-commercial pattern, get tips on storing your sewing machine and learn what advice Nicki would give new sewing students.

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23 Responses to “NSC LIVE! August 2017”

  1. Darlean

    What is the best serge to buy if your new at sewing

  2. Peggy

    When sewing with knits, how can one prevent the fabric from getting caught in the feed dog?

  3. Salena

    I was wondering if you know a quick fix on a sewing machine where the bobbin winder is not moving ? when I try to fill a bobbin with thread...it just beeps. Thanks, Salena

  4. Cathy

    What do you suggest as afirst embroidery project for high School students?

  5. Pam

    Is it a good idea to learn sewing online.

  6. Janice Urffer

    Excited to watch and thanks for free download

  7. shirley kempen

    I am a newbee and would like to know what is embroidery decoupage and how is it done?


    I have been asked to teach a mommy and me class. I am thinking of having the kids do a pillow case and the moms do a pillow case dress. What are some other simple projects for kids that could be altered for experienced sewers?

  9. Christine

    How do you secure stitches on a surger?

  10. Sandy

    Just visiting.