NSC LIVE! August 2018

In this month’s NSC LIVE, Ashley Hough highlights a portion of a 10-pattern bundle set available for purchase in the shop. This fun set will expand your sewing skills and help you create a variety of useful projects for everyday life. Ashley also answers plenty of viewer questions.

Pattern sale

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43 Responses to “NSC LIVE! August 2018”

  1. Delilah

    Enjoying the ideas presented

  2. Shireen

    I am new

  3. Kathleen


  4. Linda

    I aim New to National Sewing Circle

  5. Diane

    Where is the best place to start when if you are relearning to sew?

  6. Wanda

    I have a problem coordinating fabric for my quilts. Any suggestions?

  7. Lynne Hellmer

    Looking forward to this!

  8. hems1

    Good motioning, my name is Hema and new to National sewing circle

  9. Sheila

    Have trouble when adding a collar stand to a men's shirt. Any tips for completing without using thousands of pins

  10. Nancy

    What machine are you using?