NSC LIVE! December 2016

During the December NSC LIVE, Nick LaFoille demonstrated how to thread and use a double needle, how to miter a corner, and how to use a buttonhole foot. She also discussed thread storage, embroidering on fleece, and several different pattern alterations.


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31 Responses to “NSC LIVE! December 2016”

  1. Oby Clara Onyekwelu

    I love sewing and l love it with all my heart.

  2. June

    How to sew facing around the neck line of the jersey with out stretching the neckline.

  3. Louise

    what is the best way to turn the corner with the serger

  4. Louise

    When I shortened a dress the tissue always tend to twist if it is a light weight tissue how can I change that

  5. Louise

    Love your website

  6. Charlie

    I haven't been to sew in awhile due to illness. I'm currently trying to get started again. That is why I'm interested in the National Sewing Circle

  7. Judith

    Would like some tips om sewing

  8. jacqueline

    I am looking for inspiration in sewing 50s style, but were are all the big tall women back then.

  9. Alithian

    Learning how to sew

  10. Peggy

    How do you keep the cut area within the button area from fraying?