NSC LIVE! December 2016

During the December NSC LIVE, Nick LaFoille demonstrated how to thread and use a double needle, how to miter a corner, and how to use a buttonhole foot. She also discussed thread storage, embroidering on fleece, and several different pattern alterations.

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  1. Louise

    When I shortened a dress the tissue always tend to twist if it is a light weight tissue how can I change that

  2. Charlie

    I haven’t been to sew in awhile due to illness. I’m currently trying to get started again. That is why I’m interested in the National Sewing Circle

  3. jacqueline

    I am looking for inspiration in sewing 50s style, but were are all the big tall women back then.

  4. Marcia

    Also with a knit, it’s very important to make sure you follow the line of the knit. If you cut across the “knit line” the t-shirt will “warp” when it is washed!!

  5. Marcia

    I know how to make a 1/2 circle skirt and a full circle skirt. What I want to know is if there any way to cut such a skirt by taking in the stretch of the bias so I don’t have to hang the skirt to finish the hem…

  6. Marcia

    I would like to know how to determine how to cut a half circle or full circle skirt without having to hang the skirt to get the hem correct!

  7. Jaqi Briggs

    I have heard many times that you shouldn’t sew over pins, if you hit one it will throw off the timing of your machine. How do you know if your timing is off?

  8. birdie

    How do put a zipper in a liner of a tote. Mine is always upside down. Do I turn the liner inside out and then put it in.

  9. Tina

    How much extra would you charge for free motion quilting on a home sewing machine for the different sizes of Quilt’s.