NSC LIVE! February 2017

In this month’s NSC LIVE with Nicki LaFoille, learn all about needles – including what the different sizes are, when you should use different sizes and types of needles, how to tell when you need to change a needle, and creative ways to store them so you know for sure what kind you are putting on your machine.


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42 Responses to “NSC LIVE! February 2017”

  1. Carlene

    What kind of sewing machine would you recommend for a intermediate seamstress

  2. Carol

    Im sewing a long length winter coat. Question is, when one cuts out a long garment and center front is on straight grain. If one doesn't allow an angular cut, the center of coat will appear to hang a bit open from waist down. Is there a graft to add for every length. My first experience with this was leaving a long open slit on a skirt. Should have placed pattern about 1/2 inch off straight grain on each side of slit.

  3. Carol


  4. Donna Egan

    Sewing knits

  5. Carol

    Can I attach a waistband casing to a knit fabric with my serger only.

  6. Mary

    What type of stiffener do you use for collars or waistbands? 😊🍀🌹

  7. Margaret Finley

    Unfortunately I have no fabric stores or sewing supply places within my shopping area, threads needles, & fabric (high end) are not available here. Please send some information about where to get the things I see in classes or on TV that are reliable as far as quality goods and not outrageous on prices. I really miss using things that I can trust. Also my experience with elastic is that when it is not worn regularly the the latex breaks down. Thank you for all your advice.

  8. PATTY


  9. Diana

    For the person with the old treadle machine, I had my grandmother's and I refinished it and took out the machine and took it to a repair sewing place and had them go over it and do whatever it needed. I asked questions on how to set the tension, and had them sew a sample for me to show different tension.

  10. Diana

    What is the best material( not for sewing) to make a pattern so it will last longer?