NSC LIVE! January 2018

Join us for another installment in our NSC Live series with the wonderfully talented Nicki LaFoille. Nicki answers your sewing questions in this interactive and informative Q&A.

7 Easy Sewing Projects

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23 Responses to “NSC LIVE! January 2018”

  1. susan

    question i am new to sewing and am having trouble seeing my markings (of darts, placements) they are either not transferring or they are too light for me to see. i have tried tracing paper, trailers chalk, and marking pencil with n success. any suggestions?

  2. DIANE

    mood.com like the project runway people

  3. Josey

    How to embroider using free motion quilting .

  4. Jaqi

    When not in use, is it better to store a sewing machine with the needle in the up or down position or take the needle out?

  5. Sharp Janson

    I have no comment

  6. Leslie

    As sewing machine pressure foot tensions are default set for silks, how would you test your best tension for the pressure foot?

  7. marianne Myrick

    Lots of us go on line and look for reviews - not just the young.

  8. Elaine

    Just looks inviting

  9. Velvie

    Interested in webinar

  10. Carolyn

    Can’t wait to see first block