NSC LIVE! July 2018

Did you miss July’s LIVE event? Catch the full recap here with the wonderfully talented Nicki LaFoille. Nicki answers your sewing questions live in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

7 easy sewing projects

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9 Responses to “NSC LIVE! July 2018”

  1. Jaqi Briggs

    Jersey knit is a comfortable fabric for shorts, but it's a nightmare to sew with....it rolls and slips. Any suggestions for making the sewing experience more enjoyable?

  2. Pam

    You can also use covers stitch. A soft cover that can be ironed on the Back of the embroidery. This is great for baby wear that has been embroidered.

  3. Debbie Chalmers

    What can you use to mark fabrics such as fleece for darts etc.

  4. Joyce

    Love sewing

  5. Linda

    Here from OKC

  6. Susan

    yea Scuba they make skirts out of it

  7. Susan

    When you are using scuba material for embroidery and making squares say for a quilt or wall hanging etc. should you use a batting under it?

  8. Carolie

    I'm ready

  9. Carol

    This will be fun!