NSC LIVE! June 2017

During the June NSC LIVE, Nicki LaFoille discussed the different types of stabilizer to have on hand for beginner embroidery, taught a fun and easy way to create narrow pintucks, and shared tips for sewing with and finishing stretchy fabrics.

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32 Responses to “NSC LIVE! June 2017”

  1. Bernice Lippitt

    How long can you keep fabrics before they unavailable for How many years can you have fabrics (just bought at the. How many years can you own fabrics (just bought at that time) and still be able to construct the dresses, suits, etc.?

  2. Carol Bulmer

    Thank you for the effort made to help others learn.

  3. Carol Bulmer

    Enjoying all the sewing tips.

  4. Sheryl

    Really enjoy the presentation

  5. Karen

    Looking forward to this Circle of friends

  6. Esther

    just listening and learning

  7. Michael Hughes

    Thank you so much. I learned a lot as a new viewer.

  8. Karen Willingham


  9. pat

    I sew a lot of ruffles tried the ruffle foot . I liked it but is there any way to use it and make them adjustable.

  10. Rhonda True

    Cutting and handling an extremely stretchy jersey knit is intimidating and new. Any advice