NSC LIVE! June 2017

During the June NSC LIVE, Nicki LaFoille discussed the different types of stabilizer to have on hand for beginner embroidery, taught a fun and easy way to create narrow pintucks, and shared tips for sewing with and finishing stretchy fabrics.

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  1. Bernice Lippitt

    How long can you keep fabrics before they unavailable for

    How many years can you have fabrics (just bought at the.
    How many years can you own fabrics (just bought at that time) and still be able to construct the dresses, suits, etc.?

  2. pat

    I sew a lot of ruffles tried the ruffle foot . I liked it but is there any way to use it and make them adjustable.

  3. Rhonda True

    Cutting and handling an extremely stretchy jersey knit is intimidating and new. Any advice

  4. Sara

    Would you use a twin needle to top stitch denim to look professional n the hem?

  5. Maria Theresa

    What’s the best lining/s to use? Does the type of lining depend on the fabric I’m using?

  6. Cynthia

    How do you do welt pockets I think it’s called on a jacket both man and moman

  7. Jaqi

    Since sewing on paper ruins the needle for fabric sewing, is any needle suitable for paper or should I always use a heavy duty needle?

  8. Lule Melgarejo

    I have a very old singer sewing machine. It works but it needs a plate and the cord. Can you help me?

  9. Tammy

    What skills are needed to sew a pair of jeans that are comparable to the $200.00 readymade jeans?

  10. Susan LABORDE

    Love the webinars. Usually learn something new and also get reminders of what I have forgotten.

  11. jo

    can you sew on piece of material on the warp and join the other piece on the weft and make it look o.k.

  12. Michael Hughes

    My major issue is sewing underarms where there is several edges of different pieces sewn together. It is a big clump that bogs down the machine when sewing over. Help! Lol

  13. Pat

    Which stabilizers are most important to have on hand for beginner embroidery?

  14. Shirlee

    How can I determine what kind of thread is on the spool if the label is gone. I don’t know whether several spools in my stash are cotton or polyester.