NSC LIVE! September 2016

In this month’s NSC LIVE, Nicki LaFoille discussed how to make adjustments to sleeve caps and how to sew a French seam. Nicki also talked about working with all different types of fabric, from faux leather to knit, and sequined to silk. She also answered your question about building a fabric stash and explained how to do both shirring and couching.

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35 Responses to “NSC LIVE! September 2016”

  1. Dolores Nunez

    I am start time quilter so what kind of quilt do think I should do?

  2. Janice

    Join the American Sewing Guild if you have a group in your area. You'll find great new friends and get lots of ideas for projects.

  3. Pat McFarlen

    Looking forward to this

  4. Lorraine

    How would I change very wide legged pants into bootleg ones? Do I take in both inner and outer seams and from which point doI start the flare?

  5. Donna Ladd

    To enlarge the arm whole, I think it would be best to lower the arm whole by the side seam. This should give a little more room.

  6. Martha Wright

    I'm Late!!! I'm Late for a very important date!!!

  7. Jane

    I have narrow shoulders and when I buy a sweatshirt the shoulder seam hangs over my shoulder. How can I make the shoulder fit better so it doesn't look so sloppy?

  8. Svetlana

    I would like to learn how to fix holes on wool garments(fabric), woven and knit also. Do you have video klasses for that?

  9. Mirline

    Hello! So glad y'all are doing these live Q&As. I noticed we have the same Brother sewing machine - can you talk a bit about the tension knob setting - I'm not sure which is the best setting. Thanks!!

  10. Kathy Gorman

    What is a good way to sew straight lines I have sewn for years but still don't get my lines or seems straight ??