NSC LIVE! September 2017

In this month’s live event with Nicki LaFoille, learn what to do when you first un-box a new machine, understand the difference between interfacing and stabilizer and get tips for sewing horsehair braid into hems.

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17 Responses to “NSC LIVE! September 2017”

  1. ANNA Riopel

    is it hard to sew jeans

  2. Nellie

    Want to learn and get motivated to sew projects

  3. Maggie

    Interested in this program

  4. Mavjuda

    Which kind of fabric best for kitchen curtain , living and bedroom window

  5. Deb

    I love to learn!!

  6. Mavjuda

    Thank you

  7. Miira

    I have some old fabric in my stash that are solid colors and appear pretty similar on both sides. How can I tell which is the "right" side that goes on the outside?

  8. Carmen Lanouette

    How do I make a v-neck look right?

  9. Carmen Lanouette

    IDK if this applies, but how do I make a v-neck look nice? I have a pattern but am afraid it won't work and don't want to ruin the fabric.

  10. Judy

    For marking use slivers of soap instead of markers. Soap will wash out if if is a washable fabric.