Oh Sew Cute Sewing Challenge Project 5: Wallet Front Purse

Wallet front purse

Week five of the Oh Sew Cute Sewing Challenge brings one of our more complicated projects- the wallet front purse. This awesome awesome accessory combines two things we all typically carry-into one!

Dear head print wallet front purse

Made from cotton fabric, this wallet front purse can be made from colors and prints to suit almost anyone’s personal style. You’ll also get to play with adding purse hardware like magnets and D-rings to this project, which help give it a more professionally finished touch. This project can also be customized with additional pockets added to the lining.

I can’t wait to see what everyone’s wallet front purses look like, so be sure to post photos of them on the Facebook Group Page!

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Ashley’s overview of this week’s project:

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23 Responses to “Oh Sew Cute Sewing Challenge Project 5: Wallet Front Purse”

  1. Linda

    Stuck on page 5 4th bullet not sure which two pieces you are supposed to sew and which seam.

  2. Michelle

    Where is the video for this?

  3. Cynthia R McCOrd

    I am a pretty experience seamstress and could not follow thse directions at all. I did get the purse made but it does not have any structure without interfacing or batting. The instructions were not clear and seemed to leave some steps out. Is there a Youtube video a person could watch? That would be very helpful in addition to more detailed instructions with more pictures. I would like to make a 2nd one but get stumped at the same stop. So I put it up.

  4. Sandra

    I made this purse and the instructions were not easy to follow. Now that I have it made I would like to make another one with some improvements. There was no interfacing or batting to give it more support. And the fold out wallet part is useless because when you open it everything falls out. I want to sew up the sides to make an extra pocket. Not for beginner sewers.

  5. Elidia Solis

    no I don't have a website

  6. Autumn Guidry

    I am a little lost on assembly. It says to put the pattern pieces with top main and main fabric back together right sides together and stitch but does not say where to stitch (Long side/short side/top/bottom) I am getting a little frustrated and of course no diagram to help with assembly. Can someone help?


    Only issue I have is that the drop down card slot and cash holder should be the other way around. If you do not get it closed just right ... it will drop all those items on the floor. I have had that happen with other purses that I had purchased and that is why I started making my own. That and the fact that I am very picky about my purses - AND no one can make them right - so I began and still do Make my own. Really looking forward to trying this one with one tweek after I have made the first one.

  8. sarah williams

    could not find this in stores Its just what i wanted

  9. Jody

    Excited to try this project!!!

  10. Patricia

    Cant wait to make this. Super cute!