Welcome to the Oh Sew Fun Sewing Challenge!


Thanks for joining the Oh Sew Fun Sewing Challenge! We’re so excited for this challenge and can’t wait to see everyone’s projects each week. Check out the video below for a special greeting from our expert sewer Ashley Hough who will be guiding you through all 9 weeks of the challenge:

The challenge will kick off soon – keep an eye on your inbox for your first project which will be included in the National Sewing Circle newsletter. In the meantime, make sure to join the Oh Sew Fun Sewing Challenge Facebook Group where you can share photos of your projects each week and connect with your fellow challenge participants.

The Facebook group is a great place to get updates and sneak peeks each week too!


The Projects


Meet Ashley Hough


Ashley has sewn for years. Her mother taught her at a very young age. When first starting out, she stuck to mastering commercial patterns before venturing into creating her own. Her patterns have been featured in Sew News, Sew It All, and she has even been on Sew It All TV.

Quilting is somewhat new to Ashley, but she dove in head first – coming up with an original design for her first quilt that included curved seams and hand applique! She was even lucky enough to have it featured in one of the Quilty’s “This is My Quilt” episodes.

Ashley loves all things crafty, from sewing to knitting, crochet to quilting, and everything in between. When she isn’t working on a new project or learning a different technique she loves teaching her passion to others.


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364 Responses to “Welcome to the Oh Sew Fun Sewing Challenge!”

  1. Melissa Steiner

    Is it possible to view the classes from past sewing challenges?

  2. Iryna McCoskey

    Will be happy to participate in new projects :)

  3. Barbara

    love to sew

  4. Elaine smith

    Projects LOOK like fun

  5. Brenda Goodwin

    I'm eager to start

  6. Renee Riley

    I would like to improve on my sewing skills.

  7. Andree

    Waiting to get started

  8. Barbara Shuler

    Ready to get started

  9. Cindy

    I am excited to join your group and take on the challenges that will be coming up.

  10. Margaret

    It will be a challenge