Oh Sew Simple: Pizza Pouch

Pizza pouch

Who doesn’t need a big slice of pizza to store your pencils, markers or just generally awesome things that you find throughout the day?! This pattern is from Emily at Oh Yay Studio, and is a project for kids! This quick and easy sew will get you excited to sew zippers (because as intimidating as they are, they are quite easy) AND it will leave you with a finished project that will make your mouth water!

Be sure to check out the maker of this pattern at www.ohyaystudio.com, and find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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One Response to “Oh Sew Simple: Pizza Pouch”

  1. Ckub

    Think this would make a fun gift for high school/college students and Mom to use at home or dorm. Oughta bring smiles and a giggle or two.