Project 7: Oilcloth Wallet

Oil cloth wallet

We have reached the final project – the oilcloth wallet. This project is fun to make, and the inside pockets can easily be customized depending on what you carry in your wallet (cash and checkbooks or credit cards).

Polka dot oil cloth wallet

While this project may have a few more pieces and steps, all of the same basic oilcloth sewing principles you learned in the prior week still apply. You will once again get great tips on how to work with this fabric and see how easy it can be to sew with.

Be sure to post photos of your finished oilcloth wallets to the Facebook group page! And I want to say a very big thank you to everyone for joining us for this project!

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3 Responses to “Project 7: Oilcloth Wallet”

  1. Mickeysews

    Two off the pattern pieces are not printing properly. I even had a friend try to print it from her computer with the same results. Any advice?

  2. Suzanne Lafond

    Hi, I am new at this, but really like what I see!

  3. Dawn

    On project 7 - I'm putting in the magnetic disk, however, mine needs to be sewn around. What do you recommend or should I just purchase a new one?