Sewing Tours with National Sewing Circle

National Sewing Circle Tours combine the passion for sewing with an opportunity to experience incredible sightseeing and excursions all over the world! A contributor from National Sewing Circle travels with each tour and leads the group in garment instruction. On this page you will find information about our upcoming tours. We would love for you to join us at our next destination!


9-Day Ireland Tour

September 4th – September 12th, 2021

Discover the hidden treasures of Ireland on this magical trip…

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6 Responses to “Sewing Tours with National Sewing Circle”

  1. Kimberley Lafferty-Stonier

    I would love to know if you are planning further trips to Ireland in the future. My husband and I just returned from 8 days in Ireland and while we saw sights different to what you have listed, it is a fantastic country and your itinerary sounds like something that would interest me (but not the hubby). I really loved Galway and Connemara and would love to go back. With a group of like minded sewists, it would be fun! Thank you, Kimberley

  2. Wilma Thompson


  3. Rhonda Declaire

    I dont know how this works so what I pay this fee to end up having to pay more if so then I don't want this you will be getting a call.

  4. Ingrid Kannel

    ‬ I have an antique Singer and I wonder what the lever on the right in the front of the machine is for. Is it for the length of the stitch?

  5. Maria

    I would like more info about your group

  6. Jane Baker

    My friend and I are interested in the Ireland trip..When and how do we sign up and when are payments due?