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I am having the hardest time fixing my Singer sewing machine. The bottom thread keeps bunching up and no matter what I do I can’t seem to fix it. Any advice?

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I hate when this happens! When the bobbin thread is bunching up it typically means there is a problem with the needle thread. I know that seems backwards, but as long as the bobbin is wound nice and smooth and inserted into the bobbin case correctly, there isn’t much that can go wrong there.

The first thing I would do is re-thread the machine. Make sure you do this with the presser foot raised. Raising the presser foot releases the machine tension on the thread and allows you to easily pull the thread through the machine.

Doing this also allows you to feel how much tension is on the thread. If the thread is bunching up on the underside of the fabric it usually means that there isn’t enough tension on the top thread. Try adjusting the needle tension and running a few more test stitches.

Good luck!


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26 Responses to “Stubborn Singer”

  1. Dorothy

    This sounds very interesting. I think I will try it,

  2. Gloria

    My Singer is dropping a stitch several times during my test stitches. What could be the problem?

  3. Joanne Flores

    Trying to fix tension on 4 needle white serger. Any ideas?

  4. Anita Armagnac

    All Singer machine users. I haven't sewed in years and wonder what Singer machine is best just for hemming and straight sewing that is good but not too expensive. Thank you!

  5. Maritza Almanzar

    I need a instruction manual for machine singer model 63

  6. Rhonda

    I have a singer featherweight which has the needle caught down in the bobbin case and it will not budge no matter what I've tried. Any suggestions on how to get it to release?

  7. Maureen

    Also, Check to see what size needle you are using for the fabric choice. That too can cause the bobbin thread to bunch up, good luck

  8. Lisa

    I work with vintage Singer machines and encounter this problem constantly. Many of the older machines were made when thread came on spools wound similar to the way the thread is wound on a bobbin. Cross wound spools can create a problem with these machines because the thread doesn't feed through the tension discs properly. Try using a net on cross wound spools and that can make the difference. Also put the spool on a vertical spool pin and that can help also. One other tip: when you start lower your needle into the fabric before you drop the presser foot. once it is secure, lower your presser foot and slowly start your sewing. In some cases that will help the problem. One last thing, double check your threading and make sure you are following all parts of your thread path. Missing one thread guide can change how the thread comes through the tension discs or even the needle. Happy sewing.

  9. Munawarah Husin

    When i sew two pieces of cloth together.. The upper part will be fine but the lower cloth will wrinked up. As a result the lower will end up shorter by 1/2 an inch. And when you turn it over the result will look not nice to ne worn

  10. Susan Ramsay

    My problem is the reverse; I can't get the upper tension loose enough to balance upper and lower threads.