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I have a question on your video about how to sew with minky. I’m trying to make some quilt blocks with minky, where minky is sewn to minky. I’m using it on both sides of the quilt and swear I will never do it again! Any tips to make this easier?

Submitted by Christine

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Hi! When sewing minky to minky it is very helpful to use a walking foot. This will help guide the layers of fabric through the machine evenly and avoid puckers. I would also recommend using pins, as minky can be a little slippery. This will help ensure everything stays lined up. Another tip for sewing a quilt with minky is to use a ½” seam allowance rather than a ¼”, and then press the seam open rather than to one side. This will help eliminate some bulk. Hope these tips help!


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19 Responses to “Tips for Sewing with Minky”

  1. Maureen Albers

    I often times sew with glittery fabric or sequined fabric. Any tips on how to get through this fabric easily and not gunk up the needle? Thanks

  2. Linda Acuff

    If you have a serger it’s is a time saver and it never puckers. I round my corners to make it easy to serge. I sew with right sides together and leave a space to turn inside out. I’ve made 5 or 6 blankets this way. I don’t do much for quilting on the blanket once it is serged. But always use a walking foot with the longest stitch.

  3. Becky Huntsman

    I’m getting ready to see a minky blanket. What size needle and type of thread would you recommend; also would you use a long basting stitch to sew it together with?

  4. Jeannene Otto

    Not sure this is where to ask my question but I have lovely table cloths my mother embroidered with cross stitching. I treasure these but I do not use table clothes any more. I do not want to cut them up to make into something else. Could they be made into quilts? Where can I get ideas?

  5. Virginia Ladymon

    How do I sew pants with a RIP on the crotch

  6. Kay S Frederick

    How to sew fur

  7. Lori

    I’m making baby blankets using satin ruffle on the edges. My serger gathering foot barely creates any gather so I end up pulling a thread and pulling the gather by hand. Any suggestions?

  8. Marcie thomas

    I found it very helpful to use basting spray.

  9. Barbara hoefling

    This is a wonderful idea. I have had many questions in the past, and never been able to get direct answers. I hope you keep this going. (No questions now)

  10. Deb

    How do you he T-SHIRTS? I am on the short side & t-shirts are always too long. I've tried hemming by hand & with a double needed. They always look terrible & I end up getting rid of them or using them for rags. Thank you for your time.