Top 5 Sewing Tips from the Experts

Top 5 Sewing Tips from the Experts
We talked to our team of expert sewing instructors and asked them what special tip or technique they thought every sewer should know. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, these five essential sewing tips will ensure your time at the machine is pleasant and productive! Check out the list below for the five tips, or download a copy of the handy Top 10 Sewing Tips Guide for even more information!  

1. Thread your needle like a pro

  Instead of moistening the tip of your thread before threading your needle, moisten the BACK of the needle. The thread will glide right through.
Threaded needle

2. Never watch the needle

  Don’t get distracted by the needle while you’re sewing. Instead, watch the marks on your throat plate guide to ensure a straight, even stitch line.
Sewing machine foot

3. Use your spool caps

  Don’t just toss those little caps in your sewing basket or accessory case. (Or worse, the trash!) These help keep wind off the spool easier in your machine.
Cartoon spools of thread

4. Make sure your presser foot is up when threading

  This releases the tension discs and ensures your thread will be in the right spot. The tension will lock when the presser foot is down.
Decorative drawing of a sewing machine

5. Keep temporary spray adhesive handy

  Shortcuts are okay! Spray adhesive can tame stubborn fabrics that are difficult to sew together, preventing a lot of headaches. It washes out easily in the washing machine.
Drawn spray cans
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17 Responses to “Top 5 Sewing Tips from the Experts”

  1. Catherine Brennan

    Spray adhesive IS a good tool, but do NOT use it near your machine. I keep a dollar store, plastic dish tub nearby just for spraying the adhesive. With deep sides, the spray is corralled keeping everything around it safe.

  2. Roberta Johnson

    I don't understand number 3. Spool caps help keep wind off your spools when in the machine??

  3. Cindy Winders

    I disagree regarding the spool cap. I had my new machine in for repairs and my repair guy told me to never use the spool cap. It causes the thread to get caught between the spool and the cap. I was having so much trouble with my thread breaking, especially with my embroidery thread. I took his advice and now I have no trouble at all with my thread breaking.

  4. Carol Sloan

    If you keep cones of serger thread on a wooden rack, cover each with a sandwich bag to keep them free of dust.

  5. Kathleen Lumbert

    help1 I love sewing but recent changes to my vision prevent me from being able to thread my machine; can you help?

  6. Darlene Carpenter

    When threading all needles cut the thread on an angle

  7. Lesley Lamb

    Bobbin tension - how to adjust stitches

  8. GmaKarie

    Your tips are so helpful, I've learned so much. Thank you all for sharing.

  9. Kathy Miller

    tip on sewing off on a serger? for a clean secure finish

  10. susieqlv

    Well, geeeez, the elephant in the room . . . . Your “Top Ten” list kinda shrank by half, did it not? Do you not have proofreaders?